With power comes responsibility’, and this gets well justified by the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of successful companies.

Have you ever wondered, irrespective of their gender differences, what kind of daily routines these hyper-successful and innovative quick-thinkers follow?

Here, you will come to know all about it.

1. Rise Early

‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. Now this actually is true in a CEO’s life. According to Forbes interviews with some eminent CEOs, though most of the CEOs could hardly manage to go to bed early, yet they are all early risers. Kevin Thompson, CEO of SolarWinds, and Jim Koch, of Samuel Adams and Boston Brewing Company are few marked in this list. The reason to wake up early, is to avoid any kind of procrastination. A CEO never messes up with time.

2. Morning Rituals

The morning rituals for any CEO depends on the kind of life he or she has. As discovered by Harvard Business School, there are some common practices that most of the CEOs follow as in their morning hours:

Courtesy: Forbes

So, you can see that as per personal preferences, a CEO remains well organised in the maintaining his morning rituals. Though variations may occur, yet the activities are managed as scheduled.

3. Exercise Daily

No matter how hectic the day-long schedule could be, a CEO is always determined to take out some time for exercises. As stated by Kevin Thompson, CEO of SolarWinds, “I am an incredibly early riser and I start my day with a six to nine mile run.” This is a ritual that is also followed by many of the eminent CEOs of the contemporary business world. As for instance, you can find Chris O’Neill, CEO Evernote, in balancing family life and exercising hours in an amazing manner. In his words, “I’ll drop one of the kids off, and then I go to a club … have a routine …high-intensity interval training…cool down and stretch.

4. Busy but Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is an incredibly important meal for any human being. For that matter a CEO is no exception. For Romanie Thomas, Juggle Jobs, the breakfast is all about ‘pret porridge with honey’; whereas for Daniel van Binsbergen, Lexoo, it is always about having ‘green smoothie that comprises spinach/kale, pear, banana, chia seeds, and water.’ As for Dan Bladen, Chargifi, the breakfast must have ‘scrambled eggs on marmite toast.’ But in case he has to start the day really early, he ‘grabs a breakfast bar of some sort and a piece of fruit.’ To sum up, the breakfast must be a healthy choice for a CEO, even though you are amidst continuous telephonic conversations and checking emails.

5. Schedule the Day

A CEO remains well knitted in the process of time management and scheduling the day as per the requirement of the business. In many cases, a CEO needs to curtail his personal life and choices to meet the time scheduled for the business. As for instance, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook prefers to start his day by ‘dressing up the same way’. The reason is to save time from one personal activity of choosing dress for the day. The catch you have here is of being strategically planned for the day, which will bring more grace and profit to the business.

6. Working Hours

Being the ultimate decision maker for a company, the responsibility of a CEO gets manifold. As derived by the study of Harvard Business School, 99% of the time of a CEO’s day gets spent in working for the company and focussing on strategies for its sustainability. It is just 1% that remains for the personal life of a CEO, is definitely a challenge. However, the charisma lies in adding more value-based planning so that both work and life gets justified space.

7. Regular Communication

Reputation management is the key for being a successful CEO. For this, establishment of regular communication without having any ambiguity, at all levels, is a mandatory practice to be followed. So, for a CEO the entire day is meant for having meaningful and decisive communication with all those people who are part of the business. Moreover, there is also the need to be a leader and establish transparent communication with the salesforce and every executive from C-level.

8. Family Time

Taking out time for the family is though very tough for a CEO, yet it must be done in a regular basis. To follow Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, he makes it mandatory to turn off his mobile phone when he attends the lacrosse game played by his daughter. Nadella says to Inc. that he never allows any interruption in his family time, not even a ‘quick e-mail check’. As for CEO of Enjoy Technology, Ron Johnson, he tries to make out time to have breakfast with his son. In the same way, CEO of VMware, Pat Gelsinger, always reaches home for family dinner. These successful CEOs make it clear that though business is important, yet family time is equally important.  

9. Personal Life

Love yourself to love others’. No matter how stressful life you have, you must take out time for yourself. Being a CEO, you must understand that you should be able to take care of yourself first. This will rejuvenate more energy and positivity in you to take care of your business and your family. Making time for absolute personal well-being is necessary. You can follow Henrik Kjellberg, CEO, European Vacation Rentals, who enjoys events of Ironman and cycles to office, from home and back, or he runs halfway and then takes public transportation to work. It is all about managing your time in such a way that you also get a piece of cake for yourself too.

10. Good Night Sleep

You must be having a notion that CEOs usually do not get good sleep. But, surprisingly CEOs like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Tim Armstrong are very strict with their eight hours sleep per night. Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, and Jack Dorsey are also CEOs who take seven hours of sleep on a compulsory basis. You must realise that a CEO is an intelligent person and he knows that for a healthy life and to get the fruit of his hard earned business, it is important to have a good night sleep.

So, you can well imagine that this special human breed, the CEO acts just like any other human being. The difference is in their expertise with time management, and strategic way of building a profitable business and a healthy life. 


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