Friendship is one of the most significant aspects of life. Friendship for most people is a mixture of affection, kindness, loyalty, love, respect, and trust. It means different things to different people. For some people, it is merely the belief that someone will not hurt you. To others, it might be real love or just healthy companionship. Here we can explain the difference between real and fake friends.

Friendship is usually acknowledging as a mutual and kind relationship between two people; a person who gets a true friend has won a priceless treasure.

In our lives, we have all those special people with whom we share our happiest and also our maddest days. They are our soul sisters/brothers, our companions, our adviser, our besties, and whatever hilarious and cute nicknames you call your group.

A real and fake friend can be tough to distinguish, although they are very different! Real friends are people who can help with the situation. You know whatever the case is, they will always be on your side, through ups and downs. Sadly, we live in the kind of world where we’ll run into fake sorts of people. Any person who is false to you will also be fake to others. Likely, this person doesn’t have either real friends at all, and you’re no exception to such.

Here are some ways you can distinguish between a real friend and a fake friend:

1.Real friends support your crazy ideas; fake friends mock them:

We have some crazy and unique designs that can either take us into the problem or can help us find our true selves. Only a true friend can understand that what you want to do will not only help you know yourself better. It will further bring out the portion of you that you never recognized been. While fake friends won’t even listen to your ideas and will immediately assume that your crazy idea is surely mad and not worth the risk.

2. Real friends find time; fake friends make excuses:

It means that at times when it involves the most, real friends will do everything in their ability to get the time and generate possibilities to be with you. It’s a matter of the desire to spend time with you, rather than owning time to themselves. On the other hand, fake friends will have several excuses to avoid bad times and will only appear when things have finally healthy.

3.real friends accept who you are; fake friends want you to be like them:

Finally, one of the common symptoms of a false friend is if this “friend” treats you differently when you modify something about yourself. It means that the person doesn’t accept you for who you are; they only allow you when you do things according to their wishes.

A real friend will hold by you if you get rejected from your first option of the university if you take an embarrassing profession if you get married to the wrong person, or if you become divorced after decades of the wedding. Real friends will remain to be your friends without judgment because your way is your own, and you should be who you are.

4. Real friends are present in bad times; fake friends wait for the good times:

A vast difference between real and fake friends is how they react with your ups and downs. A fake friend who would leave you for a few days or even months, especially when the dullest and most challenging times, and when all of these are finally over, they would magically reenter and move back in your life. Your real friends will protect you in their arms and hear to you fat all night. They are always there for you, whether you’re happy or sad.

5. Real friends make you feel good; fake friendship feels heavy:

Real friendship does not need a large amount of effort to keep friendship until last. Staying with real friends think light, and building the relationship is as simple as breathing. On the other hand, fake friendship holds heavy and, at some point, so toxic that just living with those people reduces your strength, physically and emotionally.

6. Real friends believe you can; fake friends think you’re too ambitious:

Identify that time when you are trying to be an ambitious and dream job you are looking for? Who were the people trying to support you to aim higher and who were the ones who said that it’s impossible, that you’re merely going to disappoint yourself if you fail? Real friends will always understand in you also if they think it’s impossible; fake friends will give you all reason to make you doubt yourself.

7. Real friends apologize and forgive; fake friends ignore and forget:

It’s usual for even the best friends to fight or disagree on something. Though, it’s a sign of fake friendship if a particular argument can either break your connection apart or lose it. Real friends always gain a way to fix whatever is broken and face every problem with a smile. It’s important to realize if mistakes are made, to apologize, and of course, to forgive genuinely.

8. Real friendship is unconditional; fake friendship is conditional:

The most important sign that you have a fake friend is that your friendship is very dependent. We all have healthy limits that we don’t want people to cross, but conditions are different. If someone wants you to be anything other than yourself in exchange for a friendship, then that’s not a real friendship at all. While real friendship has no limits. They are always present on each other side; it’s unconditional.

9. Fake friends still want something from you:

A fake friend sometimes hangs around because they want something from you. This could be anything such as money, favors, free stuff, career opportunities, relief from boredom, etc. If they are with you because of these things, then it is not a friendship.

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10. Fake friends lie:

Sometimes, a fake friend does not feel good who they are, so they lie about their accomplishments, their clothes, their grades, and anything to them make themselves better. It’s hard to trust a liar, and trust is essential for healthy and real friendship.

11. Real friendship will keep your secrets:

If you share your real friend a secret, they don’t share it with other people. On the other hand, a fake friend will use that secret for their profit. A real friend would recognize that you shared something so special with them and keep their mouth shut.

12. Real friends continuously keep in contact:

Fake friends may be in touch with you on Instagram or Facebook, but only be present when they need something from you. Fake friends will only talk to you when they require something or want to know some exciting news. Real friends will contact you whenever because they are always interested in what’s going on in your life.

13. Fake friends will talk behind your back:

Several people may tend to do this. Whenever we get angry at our friends, we may badmouth them to other friends. That’s obvious. If a “friend” is talking nonsense about you intending to spread rumors or seek to change people’s opinions about you, buddy, that’s not your real friend. If you are indeed a real friend, you will never attempt to hurt their character.

No rule can differentiate a real friend from a fake friend, but we can all admit that fake friends have different characteristics based on self-centeredness and selfishness. Their sole purpose is to benefit either from the person or the relationship. We only get to live once, be with your friends, spend time with the kind of people who loves you, and accept you for who you are. Be friends with people who force you to be the most refined version of yourself and live life to the fullest.

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