Artificial Intelligence

It is 2017 and we are witnessing rapid technological advances in the field of computer science. A remarkable innovation which is gradually developing across the globe is referred to as ‘Artificial Intelligence’. This customized mechanical device aims at developing advanced systems simultaneously working with humans and adapting to the cognitive functions predominantly performed by them. This accomplishment solely relies on the deep study of how the human brain thinks and efficiently processes the desired information. The outcomes of this study further help in building proficient software systems.

Humans are blessed with ‘Natural Intelligence’ but what if this ability to think and make wise decisions could be imparted to artificial devices? The core motive is to create advanced technology so as to make artificial devices function in a self-sufficient manner and inculcate intelligence similar to that of humans. This scientific journey aids in stimulating various processes like learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perceiving, general intelligence and natural language processing which forms an integral part of this specialized system.

Let us now analyze the concept of ‘Big Data’ which primarily appeared in the first decade of the 21st century. As the name suggests it is a huge volume of data which cannot be stored and processed using traditional computing techniques within a distinct time frame. It is also referred to as a holistic information management strategy helping to integrate a variety of new data which is assimilated for a specific purpose. This data is later used for analyzing and discovering elements unique to one’s own industry.
‘Big Data’ is widely being used by a variety of companies to outshine their competitors. It further aids in growing one’s business and makes use of all the resources to acquire financial gains and increased efficiency by constant analysis of all kinds of data.


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