Munnar is the most famous hill stations, placed in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Located on the beautiful western ghats in the Idukki District, Munnar can be quickly reached from each prominent city of Kerala. The town’s popularity as a summer resort developed through the British rule, who introduced the area by tea plantations. Now, Munnar is one of the biggest tea producing regions of India, recognized for its unique and flavorsome tea. The town is placed at the junction of three rivers and is well-known for its extensive tea plantations, lush green mountains, and picturesque village. The specialties of Munnar are jungle honey, strawberries, tea, and most rare flower Neela Kurunji which blooms once in 12 years. we will provide you a whole description of the trip to Munnar 8000inr budget.


Well, if you are planning for a solo trip, then Munnar is the best place to visit and to do great adventure activities in Kerala. If you live in Hyderabad, then there are many ways to get from Hyderabad to Munnar by plane, taxi, bus, train, or car. The cheapest method to get from Hyderabad to Munnar is to the bus, which costs ₹1,100 – ₹1,700. As the budget is under 8000 its better to go by bus the total prize will be around 2000-2500, it will be for both going and returning.

Top things to do in Munnar:

Government buses are an effortless and cheap way of traveling the pleasant hill station of Munnar. The price of the tickets varies from Rs. 5 to Rs. 25. It depends on how many km you travel. You can also pay or hire a cab to examine the streets of Munnar and tour the main attractions. 

As you are traveling alone, you can borrow a bike to go to the city. The rent ranges within Rs. 300 and Rs. 400 per day.

If you are visiting Munnar for 2-3 days then you should visit these famous places :

Mattupetty Dam

A peaceful location on the road to top station, this dam, including its tea garden filled hills and pine forests are the best area to visit in Munnar in 2 days. Boating on the lake is in demand amongst the tourists who visit the sleepy town of Munnar. If luck favors, you can also find Asiatic Elephants visiting this dam-site in search of water and food.

Moreover, it also serves as an excellent sightseeing destination and a beautiful place for birdwatching. Its entry fee cost is INR 10 per person. Its fee is cheap, and you can enjoy it a lot. If you are planning for boating, then it will cost INR 500 for 15 minutes in a speedboat assigned with 1 to 5 people. It depends on your interests, whether you want to ride or not.

Top station

Top station is one of the well-frequented tourist hotspots in Kerala. The site is worth visiting to get a bird’s eye view of the hill station of Ooty. This is the place where you capture a 360-degree look of the Western Ghats with mountains, trekking trails, and waterfalls. The top station is at a range of 35.3 km from the heart of the Munnar. Hence, you can reach the destination by booking a cab or boarding by tourist bus.

The bus to Top Station costs 40 INR and reaches there within 1 – 1.5 hours. The Top Station covers numerous natural sites – Echo Point, Mattupetti Dam, Kundala Lake, Tea plantations. Echo Point is located 15 km distant from Munnar, on the route to Top Station. 

Echo point

While searching for most stunning places to visit in Munnar. You will surely come across Echo Point. It is famous for camping and trekking Located around 15k from the hill station. Consequently, it is additionally known as the most mystical places to visit in Munnar. It is an excellent spot for trekking and nature walks. The entry fee to Echo Point Munnar is INR 30. 

Kundala Lake

The region famed for its Kashmiri Shikara boats, Kundala Lake, was developed as a consequence of the curved dam made in Munnar. That is a picturesque spot, and you can spend time at the site for as much as you want. Close by at the Kundala village, which offers an exclusive golf course. On your holiday to Kundala Lake, you can experience leisure activities like boating and examine the extraordinary beauty of the region. Kundala Lake is also the home to ‘NeelaKurunji,’ a flower that blossoms once in twelve years. Adding more to this, visitors can also enjoy the swaying beauty of cherry blossoms nearby the dam. Its entry fee is INR 10 per person for the lake. For boating, it will cost you around INR 350 for 15-20 mins.

Tea museum

On the outskirts of Munnar town is a tea museum is an attractive place for the enthusiasts who would prefer to take a quick walk over the entire method of tea manufacture. Of plucking of the leaves to processing and packing them, you will get a chance to know more about the tea industry and reveal some of the interesting facts about this industry. The entrance fee of the tea museum is INR 75 per head. With a nominal fee of 100 INR, you can taste many different types of teas that are displayed. One just cannot afford to miss out on this excellent opportunity.

Traveling by auto from Munnar town to Eravikulam National Park will cost Rs 150.

Eravikulam National Park

This national park is famous for the endangered species of mountain goat known as Nilgiri Tahr, also the blossom that grows every 12 years, Neelakurinji. It is the highest peaks of the Western Ghats, the Anamudi, which is located in this park. Start early if you plan to travel up with prior permission. It would be best if you made assured that you don’t disrupt the natural vegetation and wildlife. It will cost INR 90 for Eravikulam National Park.

Attukad Waterfalls

Whether you are a trekking freak, you can go down to the Attukad waterfalls and experience trekking up to the waterfalls. Note that you do not go there in the monsoon season. The majestic view around the waterfalls will spellbind you from a high altitude. Time to spend on your two day Munnar trip. It’s something utterly remarkable. The site is also ideal for hiking. This place will not cost you; it is free.

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Blossom International Park

Including a variety of roses and dahlias, this park will help you relax for a while. An evening trip to this place is ideally the most beneficial on your Munnar trip for two days. While you enjoy the flowers, make sure you keep the area neat and tidy. The park is famous for many flowering plants due to the cold climate. The exciting part is that you can luxuriate in many other exciting activities such as cycling, boating, and roller skating at this park. you should visit all these places from the trip to Munnar 8000inr budget.

So basically, it cost you around 2000-2500 Rs for traveling the following places 

Street food of Munnar you should try during your vacation

Puttu & Kadala Curry

The round steamed rice cake prepared with coconut shavings is what puttu looks. It is a typical breakfast dish in Munnar and is served with a Kadala curry. Which is made by black chickpeas and cooked with aromatic herbs and spices. It is the best place to eat at Saravana Bhavan, Mezban. and its amount is around INR 70

Appam with Stew

One thing that characterizes this delicious cuisine in the best way is its revolutionary trend predominating for an extended period. These soft and thick center resembling rice pancake and paper-thin outer cover will give you craving for more. In a typical southern stew, you will get chunks of chicken or meat bathed in creamy coconut gravy. Its average cost is near INR 175.

Idiyappam with Egg Curry

Idiyappam is consists of rice flour, salt, and water. In other words, it is known as noolappam. This food is consists of curries, the most famous being the egg curry. IT will cost you INR 80.

Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu aka Spicy Chicken Fry

Served on a banana leaf, Munnar’s chicken fry is rolled with a mouthwatering mixture of onions, garlic, chilies, coriander, vinegar, etc. Since you can probably tell, this dish will immediately light up your taste buds and leave you craving more. It will cost you INR 750 almost. If you have enough, many you can try it.

Therefore, the average price per meal per person is 150-200 INR. It will almost cost you 1000 Rs for 2-3 days stay. you should try this food from the trip to Munnar 8000inr budget.

Munnar specialties you must take home from your holiday

Spices: Munnar is the spice library of India. Your visit to Munnar will give you the possibility to survey through lavish and large spice plantations. You can take your pick and take home some of the most delicate spices. Which are much better in quality than the ones you usually get from the supermarket. 

Tea: is perhaps the best Munnar specialty that you should take back from your visit to the city. Tea is a very favored drink and has been planted in the town of Munnar ever since the British started their tea gardens. The tea developed in Munnar is way superior in texture and quality. You can pick from a variety of Black tea, Oolong tea, as well as Green tea.

Aromatic oil: Munnar has been remembered to produce some of the most beautiful fragrant oils. The entirety of Kerala is appreciated for a fantastic collection of aromatic oils which are used to treat many disorders as well as different purposes.

If you have more money then you could buy these things luckily if some amount left out from the trip to Munnar 8000inr budget then you should try it.

Here is the best resort for a solo traveler in Munnar:

MehaKira Holiday Inn

is one of the cheap hotels where you can stay. It will cost you around 700. Situated in Munnar, MehaKira Holiday Inn gives free WiFi, 2.2 km from Munnar Tea Museum. Some units feature a terrace and balcony. For almost two days, it will cost you around 1500Rs.


Under 8000 Rs you can enjoy your food, traveling beautiful places, you will stay comfortably at the hotel, your bus ticket and it all comes under only 8000Rs. It is all about the trip to Munnar 8000inr budget.

Including the wealth of nature’s blessings, Munnar’s vegetation holds a wide variety of plant species that have medicinal benefits. Its fertile hills and the high range of climate conditions are also highly suitable for tea-plantations. On the other side, this town also has abundant wildlife. Therefore, there are countless unique things to experience in Munnar. 

During your holidays, you should ideally pick a trip. That takes you around Munnar from high hills to relaxing tea gardens, also, even more, the miracles of nature. So decide now on a trip to Munnar. At least two to three days would be sufficient to explore the place thoroughly comfortably.


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