Sales As Career Option For Beginners

The sale is a fancy term used to sell something. Every individual in this world is a salesperson. In a day, we are selling our services to people. These services can range from household work to corporate business. How well you sell your service depends entirely on how well you highlight your skills!

My father always says you need to sell yourself in the market if you want to earn a fat paycheck. It is great if you have the intelligence, highest degree from top college, but what pushes your career further is the way you sell your skillsets to the employer while hiring. You don’t have to go to an MBA college to do that, all you need is the understanding of your key strengths and the knack to highlight the same during the interview.

I started as an Oracle programmer in 2004 and ended up as a Business Analyst in 2013. In these 9 years of corporate job, I learned different aspects of project management and gradually developed an interest to change my role from developer to Business Analyst. In these 9 years, I sold my services internally to my company to get what I aspired. So in one way, I was a Salesperson, but working for myself.

Today I am working as a Sales Manager for a training company based out of Bangalore. It gives me the flexibility to work from home and also maintain a balance in life. Below are a few things I believe one needs to know before entering the area of Sales!


No matter what job you take up, confidence is one of the keys that you need to succeed. In Sales, you would be continuously interacting with the clients to understand their needs and showcase how your company can fulfill the same. For instance, my job is to sell our trainers to the client. I create a solution based on their requirement and give them confidence that we can deliver the best.

You need to build up that confidence within yourself and project your company’s services confidently to get an opportunity where you can showcase your company’s professionalism and capability to fulfill what they need.

Own Company Awareness

Before you jump into connecting with relevant clients and showcasing what the company has to offer, you first need to know WHAT YOUR COMPANY CAN OFFER!

Go through your company profile, understand the key strengths of your company which you can utilize to gain the client. Build up a strategy based on your company’s capabilities. It is important that you know your company better than you know yourself so that you can answer to any kind of questions that are sent your way. It is important to know what you are selling before to enter the market.

Client Awareness

Don’t jump into the world of sales without knowing whom you are addressing. Do your homework, understand what the company is all about so that you know whether you can support them based on the services that you have to offer. Don’t blindly connect and start discussing as you might end up embarrassing yourself.

It is a good practice to first investigate and make key notes regarding the company that you are going approach. It gives you a conversation starter and also gives atheimpression that you have put in an effort to follow the company and understand the products/services that they offer. It gives you a feel-goodfactor!

Connect And Stay In Touch

It is rare that you get connected instantly, and once you connect with the right person in the company you get business. To reach your goal it takes time and effort. There are many professional sites like LinkedIn where you can initiate the initial contact. Things to do once you establish your contact

  • Introduce yourself and your company that you are working for.
  • Keep greeting the professional on holidays or any other special days
  • Share an important update regarding your company to generate interest
  • Always try and keep the chat informal with a formal touch
  • Try and invite them for a casual meet-up to discuss about the industry, their growth and any potential opportunity where you can work with them.

Above are some of the pointers that can be used. I am sure everyone has their own way and method of reaching out.

Regular Followups

Followups are a key aspect of the sales role. You can’t just leave the opportunity open and not care about it. For being in the mind of the client while shortlisting, you need to be in his/her mailbox or phone. Make sure that follow-ups don’t end up looking like you are stalking the client. That will definitely irritate them and you might end up loosing a potential client before even building a relationship.

Depending on the criticality of the situation/requirement, set up a followup schedule to know where your solution stands. In case the timeline has been informed by the client, then have the patience to wait. Get in touch with them once the timeline has crossed and you have not heard any update from them.

Ideally, you can reach out to the client after 2-3 days once you have shared any kind of an update with the client. This way you don’t look needy and also you keep popping into their head !!


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