My name is Ryan Korchick. My life , like many others , has been full of trials and tribulations. I went from being your average kid who enjoyed sports very much growing up , to a homeless drug addict in the matter of years. In the blink of an eye my life was absolutely flipped upside down and I had no control of what was happening. I was homeless begging for money on a daily basis. I cried myself to sleep every night because I knew I was better than what I had become. The day that changed my life is when I reached out to someone just like me , for the help that I so desperately needed. Although I have gotten help before , this was not the same. The person that helped me was very hands on and was very involved with my recovery. They introduced me to genuinely good people who cared. People who continued to help me through my drug rehabilitation process and even after I got out today , because these people did this for me , I dedicate my life to helping others just like myself still struggling with drug addiction. God has given me a purpose and that purpose is to help drug addicts who are still struggling. Follow my Facebook page – Ryan Korchick and reach out for real genuine help. My personal phone number is on there and you can also message me! I thank God everyday for the opportunity to be able to help struggling addicts and their families! If I can just reach one person on a daily basis , that day is certainly a win for me ! God bless and reach out before it is too late!


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