How To Make Side Money Along With Your Regular Job

Studying at college? Or working? Did you know it is possible for you to make some extra money online? And by some, I mean equal to an amount that someone can make they’re Living out of it. And it is flexible too. Giving you the position to choose your work hours. Sounds like a dream? It’s TRUE. All you need for this is a computer or a phone with Internet access. Here I would be sharing you my top 10 picks for making some side cash or if you are really serious about it, some good money. And some of the below websites you can make about $100 per day and the best part is yet to come. You might not even have to work an entire day for it so you may not have to quit your 9 to 5 job. You can make this money by working in your free time. Money on the internet can be two ways. One actor income where you only get paid for the work you do and the other one is passive income where you are only working once and the money keeps Rolling In. My top 10 favorite websites for making such good money are-

is a website for freelancers which allows you to make active income for the work you do. Some big businesses or individuals post services on Upwork which day would like to outsource such as article writing, video editing, coding, app development, hacking odd even translation work, there are terms of such words which are outsourced on Upwork and all you have to do is be good at what you do. Getting a job on Upwork is sometimes tricky, you need to have a robust account which showcases your best work and puts your best foot forward. It has a really low barrier for the entry you just need to put the skill you can pursue and start bidding on it.

I’m sure you might have heard about making money through YouTube but not exactly sure how it works. YouTube works on passive income basis so on the first but you’ll have to work hard to build a certain audience and views on your profile if you are running to start from scratch. Thanks to the new rules if yours is a new channel then the first thing you need to have to monetize your channel and make money through it is you need to have the minimum threshold to monetize your channel which is he will be needing 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. After your monetization, you can make as much as you want by uploading regularly and making good content. P.S.- not all content has to be similar, contents can be weird or different and you can still make a ton from it.
You can also make money with YouTube through paid sponsorship but for that, you need to have a large audience and a minimum of 10,000 subscribers.

is just not the site for buying and selling goods you can also make a ton of money with Amazon. Basically, there are three ways you can make money from Amazon.

  • Amazon Mturk –This is kind of like Upwork as it is a place where the business outsources their work that is too difficult for a computer program to do such as audio editing, transcribing, translating audio and video from different languages, I am also writing reviews with a lot of other services. This comes under active income.
  • Amazon Kindle publishing –This pays you by turning your ideas into an ebook. Every time money book is purchased from Amazon the publisher and the Amazon both makes money and you also have the opportunity to do the same. All you need is a book. You can either start writing a book or you can have someone who can do the work for you and share it on Amazon. You can do it from the comfort of your home without having to worry about any publishing companies or anything and it is absolutely free to sign up and start from there. The money handling magnets are handled by Amazon so you won’t have to worry about a single thing just sit on your couch and start writing. This comes under passive income as you write it once and you get recurring money. The money making scenario is endless some people make over $100,000 publishing the Kindle ebooks on Amazon.
  • Amazon Associates program –This is a very good way to make some passive earnings. All you have to do is sign up in the Amazon Associates program and start promoting anything you want on your website. The links would be provided to you by Amazon and anytime someone buys something following the link of your website Amazon will Commission you 5 to 10% of the sale. Amazon will pay you 60 days after the Purchase have been made and you can receive the payment through Amazon gift cards or via bank wire transfer if you live in the United States.

Here in Share a sale affiliates and producers make money online by selling the courses or services to the world. Share a sale usually self-digital product but the great thing is its payout is much higher than that of Amazon. Here the commission can deflect from 5% to 75% based on the seller. But Share a sale gives a wide opportunity to earn 1000 of Dollars.

is an online Marketplace for buying and selling businesses online. It attracts a used Range of audience and offers great tools to increase visibility. It is basically an option site much like eBay for selling and buying of digital assets like Shopify, websites, apps, domain, etc. If you are good at buying and reselling business this is the perfect site for you or if you are good at making websites you can just sell it and make money out of it. Here the website works like you place a bed just like you do on eBay and if you bid is the highest one then congratulation you but yourself an online business. You can also income some money by selling online businesses. So that’s all flippa for you. 

Basically, Shutterstock is a platform where you can either sell or buy digital media like pictures videos logo photograph etc. This website sells third-party products and makes money out of it. So if you are having a talent of clicking good pictures or have an exemplary sense of logo creation or you have a sick sense of beat or have a visual perspective in making good videos this is the place where you can sell it and get appropriate price for it. Every time someone buys something from your creation you get a commission from a couple of cents to a few dollars. It is more into passive income. Here consistency is the key to making a good amount.

If you love pets and don’t care much to spend a day with them and make extra cash from that Rover is the site for you. Rover is currently available only in US and Canada. It is the dog sitting service and if you live anywhere in the two countries you can register yourself as a dog sitter and get paid for babysitting the dogs. This gives you are a facility to earn from 80 to 100 dollars a night by taking care of someone else’s dog. Hundreds of dollars can be easily made within weeks digest babysitting someone else’s pet. 

Every other person has some skill or the other which can be passed on forward. Here you can earn money by teaching someone a language about how to cook or how to play an instrument etc. Anything which you can we teach you can put up the lesson for that and start making money.

For quite some time Fiverr was known as a website offering everything and anything within 5 dollars. Fiverr is a simple site where you can advertise your skills and the get paid if anyone chooses you for the particular job someone chooses you. Its simple passive income and the best way to earn here to create a robust account and including skills in a more attractive way. It’s a freelance website where people outsource the job. And now the payout is not limited to 5$, you can charge as much as you want.

With dropshipping what you basically do if cell someone anything for a smaller or larger profit without having to deal with shipping. You can do this by opening up a Shopify store and then linking it to oberlo. The basic principle of Shopify is you can create a website where people can post or buy stuff from and then once they buy something from you pay, the manufacturer that is usually a lot lesser and ship it to the customer. The best part of it is you can set your own prices of the product you want to sell and then take the profits and pay the manufacturer the rest of the amount.

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