Here are some Interesting Tidbits about Maldives, Surrounded by the beaches and monuments, Maldives presents an alluring picture that you cannot help but visit. The rich culture embedded within each nook and corner of the islands is bound to draw anyone in. The islands offer exquisite beauty and a variety of outdoor sports activities. The coral reefs with its magnificent aquatic life are a vision to witness. From the humming Male to the peaceful Hulhumale, Maldives has plenty to offer. The islands provide a much-needed reprieve from your busy schedule and offer an enriching and breathe taking experience.


The currency of Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Places to visit 


Apart from being the capital of Maldives, Male is also rich in culture and architectural beauty. The serenity of the oceans creates a perfect paradox with the bustling city. The markets in Male speak volumes about the history of Male. Male also has a National Museum which offers extensive insight about the island. The artificial beach in Male is a site to see and is a place you can have a stroll. Sultan Park featuring a glass treehouse of 12 feet height is a must-see. It adds to the charm of Male.



Hulhumale is an artificial island created for the thousands of tourists that visit the Maldives. The natural beauty surrounding the island is in no way less than the other naturally formed islands. The island also has a mosque which is resplendent to look at and it also offers dive spots and is a perfect mixture of peace and fun.  

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HP reef

HP Reef garners the name of ‘Rainbow Reef’ owing to the colorful corals that surround the reef. It is situated in the North Male Atoll. Diving into this reef is a fascinating experience. It will leave you wanting more. You will see several forms of aquatic life pass by you. It is a Protected Marine Area. 

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Food to eat

Some of the popular foods of Maldives are Boshi Mashuni, Huni Roshi, Bis keemiya, Garudhiya. The Maldives hosts a variety of restaurants varying in different cuisines. You can avail of some of these delicacies in  Belle Amie Bistro, Tandoori Flames Hulhumale, The Sea House – Maldives, and Arena Beach Restaurant

Interesting Tidbits about the Maldives: Where to stay

Thulhagiri Island and resort

Thulhagiri Island and resort offers a luxurious retreat where you can spend some moments of tranquility with your partner or family. There are about 50 beach bungalows that offer a picturesque vision of the island. There are also 34 water bungalows. The view of the ocean from the bungalow is magnificent and will leave you spellbound. whether you are interested in water sports, You can try diving, snorkeling, and many other fun activities. The price ranges from approximately Rs. 26,359 to Rs. 37,302 per night depending on the type of bungalow and the peak season.


Paradise Island Resort

Owing to its spectacular location, Paradise Island Resort is often a choice of the resort by many tourists visiting the Maldives. One of the main features that set this resort apart from the others is its economical budget. It aims to provide a slice of heaven within the budget. It contains water and beach villas. Top-notch technologies aided with humble services. Offered by the resort make it a truly desirable place to stay. The price ranges approximately from Rs. 18943.26 per night. There are variations in price depending on the villa and the season.

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The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives Resort

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives Resort offers luxury like no other. Ranging from beach villas to water villas to splendid retreats, the resort offers a breath-taking experience. Hailing a plethora of cuisines from across the globe, the resort houses various restaurants and provides you a variety of dining options. It also has a spa. It offers plenty of water sports activities. The price ranges approximately from Rs. 38660 to Rs. 47582.96 per night depending on the type of villa and the season. 

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Activities to do


Snorkeling is one of the most sought after activities to do in the Maldives. The coral reefs and aquatic life are likely to blow your mind.  The price ranges approximately from Rs. 900 to Rs. 1400 depending on the island.


One of the most thrilling water activities in the Maldives is parasailing. It offers rush and excitement like no other. Glancing at the Maldives from atop is an incredible experience. The price ranges approximately from Rs. 6500 to Rs. 14760 depending on the island.


The waves in the Maldives offer a respite to the surf lovers. If you are not an expert in surfing. You can also try to stand up puddle (SUP). Surfing comes within the budget of a resort which can range approximately from Rs. 16500 to Rs. 46000.

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How to reach the place

By Air

Male International Airport (MLE) is the major international airport that connects all the major countries. The Maldives has three other international airports – Gan International Airport, Villa International Airport, and Hanimaadhoo International Airport. 

By Road

The Maldives is not connected by road with other countries owing to the Indian Ocean.

By Sea

There are no specified sea routes that carry passengers between the Maldives and other countries.

total expenses

The total expenses for visiting Maldives range approximately around Rs. 922 MVR per person per day.  

Visa process

The government of Maldives issues a tourist visa on arrival. This visa is valid for 30 days. Some necessary documents are required to be presented to obtain the visa. First of all, documents include a valid passport that has an extension of at least 6 months. From the traveling date, proof of stay in the Maldives, the return air ticket, enough money to last the trip and photographs. The visa can be extended for another 60 days.

The enrapturing beauty of Maldives is a vision that attracts thoi8usands of tourists every year. The rich history combined with ethereal beauty. That nature exudes equates this archipelago of islands to heaven. The Maldives has a lot to offer. For both the peace lovers as well as sports enthusiasts.


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