Lent holds a special place of importance in the faith of Christianity. It is the period of 40 days that observe rigidly by people before Easter. This timeframe mirrors the suffering and the pain Jesus underwent and helps the people gain salvation and obtain penance. Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent arrives. Shrove Tuesday is term as the Pancake Day, where it believes that the pancakes eat to use up the various ingredients like eggs, milk, etc. which not allows consuming during Lent. Here is the description about the intricate details and importance of lent(fasting).

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, where many Christians wear crosses made with ash on their foreheads. According to the Roman Catholics, fasting and abstinence from meat and meat products are Levi on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Furthermore, meat and products associates with meat is not to consumes on all Fridays during Lent. Fasting during Lent does not mean total declination of food. It means that those who observe Lent can have one full meal and even two smaller meals. Different sects of Christianity have different rules when it comes to observing Lent.

Intricate details and importance of lent(fasting): Importance of fasting

Fasting is at its core the simple detoxification of food from our body. The importance of fasting lies in the fact that we have to exert immense self-control and restraint in order to maintain it. This helps us in biblical proportions. Fasting links to religious practices but, you can also observe fast due to the various health benefits that it provides. It is important to realize the limitations and the restrictions of the body that comes with age. It is inadvisable to push yourself if you are too young, old, pregnant or with any medical condition. 

There are several spiritual benefits that we can obtain from fasting. Fasting helps our spirits grow stronger and helps us to keep us from temptation. Temptation always depicts as a sin in religious beliefs. Fasting helps us increase the control we have over our mind. It also promotes the notion of self-denial. Wanting and achieving everything all the time may not be a good thing. Fasting helps us check our demands and also helps us to grow mentally. Fasting is also a way of offering a prayer to God. Several religions have varied occasions where people maintain fast and offer prayers.

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Benefit of fasting 

There is a wide range of health benefits that are provided by fasting. It observes that fasting plays a major role in decreasing inflammation. This could help in the treatment of chronic inflammatory ailments. Medical conditions related to the heart are, unfortunately, very common. It has been studied that maintaining fasts helps to decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and prevent the risk of heart diseases. Another amazing benefit of fasting is the decrement in the resistance to insulin. This helps to maintain the level of sugar in the blood and reduce the chances of having diabetes. 

It observes that fasting causes an increment in the levels of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The Human Growth Hormone plays a key role in triggering the growth of the body. Several people have already tried fasting to reduce body weight. Not only does fasting help in decreasing the uptake of calories, but also helps in protecting the tissues of the muscles.

Fasting aids in the removal of toxins from our body. As such, they contribute to the betterment of our skin. This makes our skin glow and gives us a refreshing feeling. Fasting also leads to the development of a better immunity system, thereby providing protection to the body. From several studies, observes that fasting may improve the conditions of the brain and reduce the risk of neurogenerative ailments. Fasting may also have a positive effect on cancer and help in its treatment. 

Lent is a period of penance and forgiveness that observes by the Christians. Different sects of Christianity have different rules when it comes to observing Lent. Apart from the various health benefits obtained due to fasting, there are also various spiritual benefits one can obtain.  


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