Lets Use 5 Sense Organ Magically To Improve Your 6 Sense Power

God has given 5 powers to each of us, which is, Beautiful eyes, Tongue, Skin, Nose, Ear. Now I am going to reveal the secret how to improve our 6 sense power. Actually, we never use our 5 sense organ properly, because of our daily routine lifestyle. Every single second we live in our thoughts. For future worries, Past’s bad experience. We all have forgotten exist in the present moment, yes these words have the only power to increase our 6 sense power we all have forgotten to exist in present moments.

Now how to awake “6 sense Magically” (5+1=6 ) here 1 is  addressing Present moment  but the very obvious Question comes in our mind ” How”
    1. Organ Eyes
      We will have to start to see things…Oops, what I am saying what do you think we don’t have eyes …I want to say “yes”
      Yes we have eyes but we take it granted, we never  give appreciation to God who has given us Beautiful Eyes to see Beautifully…..to see  his beautiful creation Sun, beautiful blue sky, beautiful Moon, trees, flowers or nature or human being or water or Birds or Animals…yeah yeah we all know all these things but take it Granted..Let us show  gratitude  Lord  for this beautiful eyes whenever we see  through God’s eyes..is the secret to exist in the present moment through Eyes
    1. Organ Tongue
      is to taste !! Do we really enjoy it ??? Do we appreciate God for the tongue to taste..which is some times sweet or sour or spicy or juicy ..Do we feel gratitude for our meal??? Do we appreciate God for words which we are able to Speak??? Do we appreciate God !! for his wonderful creation tongue or sense organ Or food or Words…Lets thankful for
    1. Skin
      yup every single time we are giving attention to face’s skin…or busy in images for selfies. Lol!! Are we able to feel fresh air in our face’s skin?? Are we able to feel cold air in eyes when we Ride?? Are we able to feel wonderful when we take a bath in water?? Are we able to feel water all over our body during bath?? Are we able to feel smoothy when we walk in grass?? Are we able to feel anything?????? How will you able to thank God for it when you don’t  feel it..”First, feel it” is the challenge to exist in Present moments.
    1. Nose
      Are you Alive ?? Are you able to breathe?? Do you breathe deeply?? Do you able to count your breath for some second or some minutes?? Do you able to recognize smells ??? Do you able to recognize fragrance ??Have you ever noticed it ?? If yes then thank God for your breath…..yes you are living and enjoying present moments.
  1. Ear
    Do you feel fresh when you notice the bird’s sound? ?? Have you ever noticed various types of birds’ sound??? Or Are you able to feel your Toe’s sound during walk?? Or you freak off loudly sound only?? If you feel fresh or relax or enjoying the music of nature or enjoying songs !!! Yes, You are in present moments.

Lets Use 5 Sense Organ Magically To Improve Your 6 Sense Power

Although we are not living or using properly our 5th sense organ which is amazing just only because we are in past bad experiences or in future worries. When we will able to exists in present situations  or will learn how to enjoy present moments  through eyes, nose, skin, ear, and tongue our 6th sense power will start  awakening who will alert you before any bad situation will about to come in your life…your six sense power give you the flexibility to face any problem …six sense  power also improves  personality and gives tremendous power to take right decision. So enjoy life, enjoy present moments and make your life heaven.


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