Organizing an event can be one heck of a job. Not only it requires a lot of time and effort but also a fortune of resources to host a good event people talk about for a lifetime. Certainly today there are millions one over the other event planners available to make the job simple, but such effective the cost of hosting such events has gone up. In terms of hosting a successful event we often Outlook our budget, this can often lead us with debt or using up a lifetime of savings we work hard to earn. But as there are thousands of way to overspend there are millions of way we can save our hard earned money go off at just one day.

Few smart cost-cutting ideas are as follows

Cost cutting in the venue- 

The venue is one of the most important components of an event. As well as one of the most expensive parts of your budget also. Ok, we know you plan out the perfect venue or look of the perfect venue, but this is the most effective part of cost-cutting. You can always substitute the look of the venue for a cheaper alternative. Or you can always plan early or book a date offseason to get good prices and discounts on the venue you are looking for. Planning early gives you the freedom of looking for more alternatives and even get the chances to go for more discounts and avoid the cost of booking with more money to get the place in a hurry.

Looking for a package deal-

You can always find package deal like caterers and decorators or venue and decorators or even all together. Going for the package not only ensure you get good discounts but also ensures you to spend less from your budget and it also looks after the small costs between the lines which significantly increases the budget.

Going easy on the decorations- 

Not always venue visit an event you go for the decoration. Minimalistic is the word of the decade. Of course, you can go for more decorations if you wish to. But you can also build a neat looking sophisticated design and go minimalistic. If not you can always recycle which would totally ensure cost cutting. If not you can go for more cheaper alternatives or even a day event which would ensure less usage of lights and less decoration.

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Paying more attention to transportation and location-

You decide on going for a cheap venue out of the city but building up more on the transportation and the lodging of the guest. How does that even make sense? Sometimes spending a few grants more on the venue can save up your thousands more. Cut down the cost of lodging and extra transportation by booking a venue in the City or a closer place rather than doing it somewhere far.

Cutting down the printing cost-

Today in this 21st century no one has the time to go through a printed invitation. People spent thousands of bucks in printing cards and invitation letters just for realizing that it is just an extra cost for no reason. Going digital is the new trend here. Sending invitations through the mail or messages not only helps cost cutting but also save the tree.

No need for the 50-course meal-

People often go crazy on the menu not realizing that no single person can eat it all. Unless it is a food-related event you can always do cost cutting here. Installing a water station rather than giving Water bottles to everyone is a good save up medium. You can also hire a catering service who can give you the entire culinary experience within a budget based on the number of Guest arriving. Assigning A signature drink instead of a full shelf of cocktails and mocktails is a good way to save up the extra bucks. Not to forget quantity is not the quality. You can arrange for fewer items and make them stand out.

Cutting down the event planners-

If you want to cut down a few more services you can always do the planning Yourself by a little research. Not to forget event planning is no rocket science but not even child play. You need to go for thorough research and a lot of pre-planning to get the optimum saving out of it.

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Hiring volunteers-

You can always train up a few volunteers instead of hiring more manpower to handle a job well. This is not only cost-efficient but also makes the task easier by building more manpower. And an extra hand isn’t always enough.

Cutting down on the guest list-

This means sound Shady but true. Not everyone who comes to the event is either important or related or has anything to do with it. They are just like an extra weight to carry. Cutting down on search guest list can effectively reduce the caterer’s bill and also on the small here and their minor costs that come along with it. You can always categorize it as a close event.

Bargaining is the key- 

If you have the skill to bargain, you are good to go. Asking for a cost lower than the usual price and making a deal with them is not always looked down upon. It is a part of the business since the stone age. So you are doing nothing wrong by bargaining. This can effectively bring down the cost if you are good at it. It all comes down to your negotiation skills.

Have a nice for extra costs-

Small minor cost never comes in perspective but best up the budget quite a lot. Having an eye for that extra cost can effectively bring down your budget and help you save up more.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your presence of mind, planning skills, and negotiation terms. If not you can always go for an event planner who can do it for you important is that you mention your budget and ability to spend. Having a good interaction with your planner can also help you get good deals for less expenditure.


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