Location: Langstrasse 133, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

This Locally Swiss gourmet burger restaurant perfectly fits into the party zone of Zurich. In the city of a crowd, this restaurant, Holy Cow!, is the best place to subsume the energy that is somewhere faded away between traveling places. For this reason, I believe we enjoyed the ambiance although it was quite packed. 

This place is special for a reason that it gives creative combinations from traditional flavors to homegrown! As soon as we sat there, the extremely friendly service made my day. We were so hungry and the variety of burgers, especially for beef, made my mouth water. I was quick to choose my food.  

As the picture shows, the size of the burger and a good quantity of French fries did justice to the price which was pretty reasonable. The presentation of the burger was simply dressed from the outside and as you can see in another picture, the grilled patty was well-done, greasy and satisfyingly juicy. With every bite, I could taste the well-meshed up sauces that regardless, could individually be identifiable for someone who is a great burger freak like me! 

Simply dressed burger accompanied by crisp French fries 

Chin-dripping juicy from the inside 

The burger tasted just the kind I wanted. The ingredients were fresh and the quality of the food was good. I am a burger lover and rightly trust my taste buds to say all this. Overall, I would definitely recommend this place and I would want to revisit. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 for its welcoming environment, services and of course the taste. 


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