Who doesn’t enjoy the wedding? Everybody of us does, whether it is your own wedding or of someone else. You might have been to a wedding and noticed how expensive it might be to get all these things done. You can see decorations, lightings, flowers, waiters, DJ, place for the rituals, DJ, and food court, and for a moment you might have thought that what if it eventually went out of the budget. That’s what marriage budgeting is. Marriage budgeting is bringing to account all the expenses that will be done.

Need for marriage budgeting

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Budgeting should be done before planning something to avoid hefty expenses. The only reason to do budgeting is to prevent lavish expenditure. If you are planning a marriage, then you will need to create a marriage budget in order to have a wedding which is friendly to your pocket and doesn’t go over your desired budget.

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Here we are going to discuss a step-by-step guide to create a budget for your marriage.

Discuss who is going to contribute.

Make a list of all the people who are going to contribute to your wedding. It can either be you, your fiancé, your family or the family of the other party. You need to have a list of the contributions made by them and you.

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Calculate the total amount

Calculate the total amount which is collected after the contribution. After you have calculated and marked the total accumulated amount, you need to set the budget which you are willing to pay. Doing this will set a limit to your expenses, and you will be bounded to spend within the given limit.

Note- Although it might be a rough calculation for how much you are going to spend, having done the one will help you in spending your money wisely and have a perfectly planned wedding.

Know where you want to spend more

Decide where you want to spend more on the wedding. A wedding can include various sections such as food court, a gourmet bar, games and activities, dance party, decorations and arrangement, destinations and all the rituals that are going to be held. You need to know where you are going to spend the most. Ask your family, your fiancé, and the family of a fiancé that where they would like to spend more. It depends on their choice as well as yours too. Make a list of those things on which you want to spend more and reduce the expenditure from other sections.

Make a list of the guests

You need to make a list of guests who are going to come to your party. This is going to be a bit tricky task as you will have to invite friends of both the family. Sometimes the number can exceed your desired budget. Make the list of the total number of guests which should include all the family members of each family. Don’t forget to add some extra members to list corresponding to the list of total guests arriving, because you never know how many people are going to come. Having added some additional members will not let you fall short of all the arrangements. This will give you a rough idea or estimate amount of what your expenses can be up to.

Decide all the rituals that are going to place

For some religions and in some country wedding is just one day even, while for some wedding last for more than a week. You need to have a list of all the rituals that are going to take place at the wedding.

Decide the place of the ceremony

As we already discussed that for some religions and countries wedding is a one-day event and for some religions and country wedding last for more than a week. So you need to decide accordingly what will the place for the ceremony. You can have separate venues and halls booked for every ritual and celebration, but this is going to cost you a lot more than a regular one. Most people only plan the main ceremony to some other places and organize all the other rituals and ceremony at their home to save money. You can do this by making a list of all the halls and wedding destinations in your city or the city you want to organize the marriage. Contact the owner or the organizer to inform you about the rent for booking the places for the particular number of days.

Hire vendors and caterers

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After you have made an account of all the things that are going to be there at your wedding, you need to hire caterers. A caterer is a person who is expert in handling and organizing programs, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other kind of ceremony. Hiring a caterer will lower your task.

While hiring a caterer, you need to talk about all the things you need for the wedding, be it food, decorations, sound system or any other item. Get a quick knowledge from him from where he is going to arrange all the stuff and how many people he will hire for various tasks which are to be carried out.

Most of the problems at a wedding occur because of food. The situation may arise where the guests complain about the bad taste of the food, food being rotten, food falling short, and food poisoning. To prevent such scenarios, you need to take food into more concentration. Ask your caterer to provide the workers with the food ingredients with healthy items which are not expired. Also, ask him to hire workers with good work experience from the past.

Planning rehearsals

A wedding cannot be complete without dance, and obviously without the dance of the couple. You need to have a trainer who can teach you to dance and make you rehearse with all the other activities going on. There are various other activities too, which goes on simultaneously with the wedding. These activities might include singing and various other fun acts which require practices also. You need to plan dates for rehearsals for these programs too.

Plan pre-wedding party

After all it’s your wedding and how can it be completed without a bachelor party. A bachelor party is basically a pre-wedding party which involves going to a destination with your friends to enjoy your last few days as a bachelor. Adding pre-wedding party or a bachelor party to your wedding will be a good choice. Plan your day out with friends, organize all the places you will be visiting on your bachelor party.

Main Ritual

One of the main steps in marriage budgeting is planning for the main wedding ritual. A wedding cannot be completed without the main ceremony, and you need to be very anxious about it. Mistakes can be neglected to some extent in other rituals, but there should not be any negligence in the main ceremonies. Plan for all the things you will require for the main ritual.

Planning honeymoon

This is a post-marriage activity but also significant. Every couple needs to go on a honeymoon after marriage. During the honeymoon, the couple is on a break/vacation and goes to their favorite destination, which is gifted as the wedding holiday to them by their family. Plan your honeymoon well.

Create a final amount

After you are done with all the plannings of the activities and rituals that are going to be held in the pre-wedding, post-wedding and the main ceremony you will have to create an accurate amount of the expenses that will be done in the wedding. Check whether if the final amount is more than your budget. If the final amount is more than the budget, then you can try reducing some expenses. If the final amount fits the budget, then it is perfect.

Finalize all the dates and send invitations

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After you are all done with the planning and arrangements, you need to finalize the timings. Once you are confirmed with the schedule of the particular activities, you can send invitations to the guests. Invitation cards and mostly wedding card are used for this purpose. Finalize the design of your wedding card before sending it to your folks. Once done, you can get the printouts and send the invitations.

These were some of the steps you should know when you are planning a wedding. Bringing these points to consider will help you not only in planning a perfect marriage but in maintaining a budget too.

Always remember that don’t try to be in debt to have a perfect wedding. At last, it is just a wedding which means celebration for a day or two and spending your life savings would not be an ideal choice, try to save your money from unusual expenditures. Try to have a tight budget whenever planning for your wedding. Never try to take loans for planning a wedding which exceeds your budget, instead, try cutting on other expenses.


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