Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The genes off revolution made man better than what he was yesterday. This mind frame gives rise to the expectations I’m getting more than he already has today. Software development life cycle can be introduced with the same vision what he had when he did cross the desert in search of more. The only difference is he now has fancy machinery to innovate.

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Software development life cycle is the focal point to produce a high-quality system to meet the requirement of the future man or to exceed the point beyond expectations. The goal is to produce a system that can work in is with the current and the plant Information Technology infrastructure. The aim is also to make it last effective and maintenance friendly.

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Software development life cycle works around the seven phases

Planning and requirement analysis

It all starts with the vision of that one person who has the business idea and money to get started. He then reaches out the various Tech companies until he finds the one which fits with the customer like a puzzle piece.

An agreement is made then. The terms and conditions of the company are cleared with the contract signing. The status mostly performed by the senior member of the company taking inputs from the sales, experts, programmers, and developers.

The basic approaches design using the information and the feasibility of the product is being measured in economical technological and operational terms taking into consideration the risk factor.

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Defining the requirements

Together with the market analyst product owners and customers the requirement of the product and its defining aspect are approved. Multiple operations are performed to include new features and requirements.

Finalizing the design

With the team of operations developers product owners and testers along with the client multiple designs are proposed in Design Document Specification (DDS).

The DDS is done reviews with the stakeholders and various parameters like risk aspects, product robustness, budget, and the approach are defined.

The panel design that fits well with all the aspects makes the cut and moves forward to the next step.

Building the product

The final design is done followed for a wedding the product. The programming code is generated. Using the design and guidelines the programmers develop the product. Programming tools like the compiler,  interpreter, etc are used to generate the product codes. Various coding languages are used. With all the above when the product is finally built it moves up to the testing phase.

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This phase is important so as to validate all the requirements are being met. So that no bugs are in the product.

PR testing, UAD testing et cetera is being run through. Any product defect is reported and fixed and retested. Making short the product meets the goal quality the next step is being performed.


Hear the product is installed to customers machines after it has been released. These products are customer approved.


For the product quality and customer satisfaction, after the deployment phase. regularly maintenance is required.

A product is build using all the above stages


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