Problem deployment of a particular application or website is a strenuous task. It requires pressure and time management skills, amongst others. The production development team(BAU) is required to deploy a problem within a specific given time. The time constraint causes stress, which often leads to a problem either not addressed at all, or incomplete solutions. For an individual to be able to manage a problem successfully; there should be a set protocol which should be implemented. The clauses of such a protocol should include:  

  • A communication team should be established. This team will help the selected individual for problem deployment. Previously, one person was in charge of multiple calls and chats while simultaneously looking for a solution to the issue at hand. This lead to a decrease in time, which can otherwise be allotted to solution-finding. A communication team should be well versed in the technicalities of the problem so he/she can transfer information adequately to the client.  
  • The problem should be allotted to two individuals instead of one. Two individuals will not only help the company detect a problem faster but also ensure high-quality solutions. The two individuals will be able to check on each other, and as the common saying goes, two minds are better than one. The pressure and the stress a time constraint situation contains will be divided and shared. This will ensure high functioning of both the individuals, which in turn will produce high-quality solutions.  
  • When an issue is detected, the two individuals will proofread each other’s codes, and both will look for each other’s approval. Even though this process may be time-consuming, but this will ensure all the codes in place are functioning. To make this problem detecting and solving process smooth, we need to waste as less time as possible and provide the production environment with the best solutions possible. This takes us back to point 1, which will ensure no time is lost, contacting, making calls, and chatting with the clients.  
  • When operating on a high application data, the developer should ensure there is a replication of that data that exists in the pre-pod environment. This replication will ensure that the code in place is working adequately before sending it out to the production environment.  
  • Last but not least, once the problem is fixed, the process underwent should be documented and filed so it could assist further research. This documentation should contain details of who, what, and how. This documentation will enable program developers to ensure a client’s problem is handled with extreme caution and the best results obtained. 


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