Numerous Instagram profiles would go like in the bio as ‘traveler,’ ‘Wanderlust’ and of course, ‘traveling is my hobby.’ People love to travel, but does everyone? For a long time, we were planning to explore some cities. For this time, we set aside all the traveling caveats because just go! 

The beautiful Skyline of New York 

I took the early morning flight from Dallas to New York. I visited a stranger who turned out to be a physician, now, also our friend. That afternoon I took a ferry boat from Brooklyn Bridge to the New York Stock Exchange. I moved towards the New York airport around midnight, for Paris!

Seven hours flight from New York to Paris was a quick flight as I was excited to meet my wife and begin our adventure together. I pre-planned the places we are going to see and the love we make in the city of love¬- ahh- Paris!

The French capital Paris welcomes you into the cocktail of history, arts, and romance! The charming streets of Paris carry you in its arms under the vast skyline which lets the moonlight stream the city. Everything about Paris makes you fall in love with it; the streets, the skies, the air, food, and the language. Je t’aime! One must try steak fries in Paris. Also, one must have a taste of historical revolutionary politics through historical places that take us back into Enlightenment. 

The first thing one must do is to buy an international SIM card from the airport. We got Orange Company SIM card for 40 Euros. It contains 20 GB data, 2 hours of international calling, and 1000 text messages. 

 We booked an Uber and went to Airbnb, which gave us an incredible service! It was at a walking distance from the central market and the Metro station. We got eggs, wine, and bread, and prepared ourselves a lunch followed by a nap. We took Metro Pass for 19 Euros that covers Zone 1 to 3 for two days not for 48 hours. It becomes way easier to move around the city if you learn how the metro works. We aimed to visit Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. 

The Grand Arc de Triomphe. It is as beautiful in person as it looks in pictures 

Arc de Triomphe is considered as a patriotic site that revives the Napoleonic wars. It is a plus to have someone like my wife, who is fond of photography to a beautiful place like this. Together we covered the entire site documenting it along the way.  

The beautiful tower shining through the nights sky. The Eiffel tower. 

The metro train takes us to the Eiffel Tower. Woah, it certainly is way bigger than the tower keychain I have at home. around 300m tall! It is a beautiful sight at night when the lights shine in the contrast of darkness. Entry to the park is free, but we have to pay 25 Euros for the elevator. Free advice: avoid street vendors there. We were already running on a schedule, so we couldn’t take a ferry ride on the small pond near Eiffel Tower, but it is recommended. 

The next two days were devoted to bus tour having blue and red routes. We woke up, bought grocery, and made breakfast. After 15-20 minutes of walk, we took a bus tour. The Big bus tour costs 35 Euro per day and two routes. It covered places mentioned on the list starting from the Louver museum, which is one of the largest art museums in the world.  

We spent almost an entire day. Our heavy eyelids and tired legs desperately craved bed. We took a cab instead of a metro that cost us 17 Euros for 8-10 KMs. We reached home, had Crepes for the evening, and had lunch in Tamil restaurant. 

The last day at Paris was spent in visiting a museum across Eiffel Tower. We had some pizza and beer, bought five keychains for 1 Euro each and a magnet for 3 Euro. It was so much fun to dance on the streets carefree. Well, you never know, one should still be careful about pickpockets! 

We put love lock at the bridge and climbed the Eiffel Tower for 25 Euros. Paris cost us 500 Euros. Finally, the fourth day, we woke up to leave for Zurich by train where we met family members over lunch at a hotel. 

My wife and I on top of the tower 


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