We woke up to see the last sunrise in Paris as we leave for Zurich by air. A train route is preferable, however, to enjoy the scenic beauty for 4-5 hours.  

This is the hotel where we stayed. We had an amazing Indian chicken curry and rice at my sister’s place.  We had a great time there after which we returned to our hotel. We also had a small kitchen in our room. We spent the day by napping and cooking for ourselves, chicken fried rice and had a little wine. Our three days trip to Zurich was yet to start! We booked all our sightseeing tickets from Viator.com

The next day, we hired a bus for a city tour.

The city tour took 4 hours. We went back to the bus point for another tour that was to Rhine FallsRhine Falls is located at the borders between Schaffhausen and Zurich. This place has put the tourists in awe for centuries and it continues to be one of the most visited tourist’s stops in Zurich. It is Europe’s biggest waterfall that is so fascinating and appealing to the eye of the viewer. We booked our tickets from Viator.com

This site has a glimpse of the magnificent waterfall; one must not miss when visiting

Click here to book the ticket for Rhine Falls

And here we pose from Rhine Falls. Hi! 

View of Rhine Falls from the boat
Me & My Beautiful Wife

After this jaw-dropping sight, we returned to the bus point which was at fifteen minutes walk from the hotel. We explored around as we walked back to the hotel. For the next day, we had a full day trip planned to the Mount Titlis. We were really excited for this awaited day in Switzerland. We explored Lucerne which has a beautiful historical and cultural charm on the way to Mount Titlis. It is economic, cultural and media hub of Central Switzerland. We bought some great Swiss chocolates from Läderach, Zurich

This standee at Lucerne revives our liking for Bollywood movies. My wife had made her mind to watch a good movie when we go to the hotel. Are we any close to recreating this poster standing behind us? Eh?  

It was a really tiring day so we came back to the hotel and cooked some Indian chicken curry. For the next day, we did not have any schedule so we spent the day all to ourselves. We made a small set up for a movie in our room by arranging some snacks. We stayed warm in our blankets and in each other’s arms, had a good wine as we watched the movie then slept.  

So it’s the last day in Zurich, we wake up full of energy after a good warm sleep. We devoted this day to each other by keeping it light and having so much room for conversation. Conversations, where we did not talk about travel plans, instead, we poured our hearts to one another. We walked around the city and took some photographs.  

Langstrasse is popular for late-night parties that starts around 11:30 p.m. and is up till 4 a.m. in the morning. It is right next to our hotel so it was an easy and safe place to be. We went there to Kanzlei Club . It was a beautiful experience there with great music to dance around and liberate our energies. Zurich is one of the most costly places in Europe. We spent 1200 Franc in Zurich. Our last day at Zurich was light but full of life. The next morning, we have a flight to Venice, Italy. 


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