“The World is a Book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine. this article describes about the trip to Maldives.

Traveling helps you understand the meaning of life, and it truly helps you become a better person. Each time you travel, you see the world with a new point of view.

After completing the last trip to Europe, I and my wife were excited to go for one more fun-filled experience. After considering a few factors, we decided to visit the Islands of Maldives.

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The Maldives is a small island nation in the south of Asia. Multiple islands scattered in the Indian Ocean are combinedly called is the Maldives. The official currency is Rufiyaa, which equals to 0.065 US Dollars, i.e. you get around 15-16 Rufiyaas for exchange of 1 USD.

Nevertheless, most of the cab drivers, hotels, cafes and shop owners directly accept Dollars as well. So you need not worry much if you forgot to get your currency exchanged. You will also not face many language issues, Maldivian people very well understand English and Hindi. 

As the Maldives has tropical weather hence the best time to travel there is from November to March. We planned our trip in January, and it was a 4 Nights and 5 Days trip, We took a flight from Dallas to Kochi, and then we traveled from Kochi to Male. We had a 10 days halt in India, that why we chose this route. However, other routes are also available which may be cheaper as well.

Tourist Visa to the Maldives is also no additional cost, it and can be easily obtained upon arrival. The free tourist visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days. you can get the whole idea for trip to Maldives.


The Maldives is budget-friendly, yet it depends upon your spending habits and the choices you make. We traveled in the mid-budget category, and we spent approximately $5500 for 4 Nights and 5 Days. This is the total cost for the round trip, including everything (flights, accommodation, food, activities, etc.). 

If you are coming from different parts of the world, traveling expenses may vary. The total expense within the Maldives was no more than $2000, which includes local traveling, accommodation, food, and other water sports activities, etc. 

Our stay was booked at the Water Villas of Thulaagiri Resort, which rooms are high-end in terms of pricing. Thulhagiri Resort also has mid-level Villas which you can choose.


We landed at Male Airport around 2 in the noon, hence we decided to stay one night in Male itself. We booked a double occupancy room at the Hotel Coral Beach & Spa from agoda.com, for around 100 USD per night. The hotel sophisticates, with decent rooms and professional level customer service. The price included our morning breakfast. 

For the next three days, our stay was pre-plan at the famous Thulhagiri Island Resort. The Resort is one of the most exclusive and elite staying options in the Maldives. The island is around 13 km from the Male, a boat came to receive us at the airport. These boats were provided by the Resort itself at an additional cost of $100 per head (a round trip back and forth). 

When in the Maldives, Thulhagiri Island is the most recommended place to spend time at. They have Water Bungalows and Beach Bungalows, which are spacious with a king-sized bed and a large modern bathroom. You can see the infinite ocean all around you and a unique experience of the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean right from your veranda.

Water Bungalows or Water Villas are a little more expensive than Beach Villas. You can check more details on their official website. You can also book the rooms directly from agoda.com at a good discounted rate. 

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Apart from the Bungalows, Thulhagiri Island is the prime location for all your fun activities and water sports in the Maldives. It is also one of the closest destinations to the Airport; hence you not require to travel much and lesser chances of missing important flights. You will barely be required to leave the island unless for an emergency during your stay as everything is available on the island itself. As the weather is humid, you will require to keep yourself hydrated all the time, I’d recommend carrying a crate of water bottles with you from the Male City itself.

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Thulhagiri Island serves you with a wide range of Water Sports such as Scuba Diving and Open Water Diving; excursions like Snorkeling Safari, Dolphin Safari, Sunset Fishing and many more. They also have a Fitness Centre, Library, Boutique Shop, Pool and indoor games. More details are available at the Thulaagiri Island Resort Website.

Local Travel

Traveling in the Maldives is easy. You can opt for public transport options such as buses for common routes. Otherwise, you can also choose to hire a personal cab or taxi for commuting. Uber is present in Male, so it’s better to choose Uber or at least check the fare on the Uber app so that you can better bargain with the local taxi drivers.

One the day of our arrival, we took a taxi from the outside of the airport to Hotel Coral Grand Beach & Spa. After dropping our luggage at the hotel, we moved out in the Male City and check out a few places.

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We went to The National Museum and Old Friday Mosque, and we explored through the local markets of Male. 


Towards the end of the day, we stopped at a very popular restaurant “The Manhattan Fish Market”. This is a chain of restaurants for serving the best authentic sea-food in the Manhattan style. We had ordered Scallops Fish Chicken, Fishy Chicken Bang Bang, and Ice Blue Cocktail. You can enjoy the following foods while a trip to Maldives.

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Manhattan Fish Market is one of the highly recommends restaurants in the Maldives. There are a couple of more popular restaurants which you can try – Pizza Mia and Sea House. Although we couldn’t get enough time to eat there, if you get to order something during your trip, do share your experience and feedback with us. 

On the rest of the days, our breakfast and dinner are serve by the Thulhagiri Resort. Two-time meals cover in our stay package. Thulhagiri no doubt serves good quality and tasty food to all its customers. They organize a large buffet with many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from across the world.

Still, there is a variety of authentic Maldivian delicacies that you may not want to miss on; and Maldivian Fish Curry is one of them. The Maldives is for its spices, flavorful and creamy fish curry, which is serves with Rice, Roshi, and Maldivian Poppadoms. You can try this dish at any good restaurant in the Maldives.

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Live Lobster is also one of the highly recommended dishes that you may want to try. Maldivians claim that the Lobster tastes the best when cooked alive. If you have a taste for authentic seafood, you should not miss this one. This dish is a little costly and you may also have to travel a little for finding the perfectly cooked Maldivian Lobster. You can enjoy these food while trip to Maldives.

Things to do

The Maldives is mostly a place where there are not many places to travel, moreover, you spend a peaceful time with your spouse or girlfriend on the beautiful beaches sipping upon a drink of your choice.

But there are water sports and many more other fun activities on Thulhagiri Island itself which will make your trip memorable and lovable forever. 

  • Scuba Diving – Scuba Diving is a must-try experience. One of the best Scuba Diving Institute in the Maldives is Sub Aqua Diving School, and they also organize diving courses at Thulhagiri Resort. You can buy a 150 USD ticket per head for 2 hours of Scuba Diving session. The 1st hour dedicates to your training and the next hour is for diving.  
  • Snorkeling – The part of the Indian Ocean near the Maldives is full of Sharks, Turtles, Manta Rays, Stingrays and many more such underwater creatures. The organizers take you to the places under the sea which is fill with marine life and colorful coral. There are three major snorkeling points near the Maldives, which you cover in around 3 hours of Snorkeling Safari.
  • Sunset Fishing – Just a few minutes before the sunset, a fishing feast starts at Thulhagiri Island. You can enjoy fishing with the other tourists with a mesmerizing sunset view. you can enjoy a trip to Maldives.
  • Shopping – the Maldives is not shopping for heaven, but you can buy mementos and souvenirs as a memory of the trip. You can also buy some gifts for your loved ones when you go back home. There are many big and small local street markets full of clothing, accessories, handicrafts, toys, gifts and much more. While trip to the Maldives you can enjoy shopping. Also, enjoy some fast food from the local food stalls which you’ll find at these markets. 


I’d rate my overall experience at the Maldives as follows. 

Food is great, especially the authentic fish curry and lobsters. However, there is not much variety of dishes other than the seafood.

The Maldives is more of a romantic destination where you get tranquility, peace of mind and scenic beauty. 

Overall I’d give 3.5 stars to the Maldives out of 5.

Towards the end, I’d like to add a few personal suggestions for all of you while you travel to the Maldives. 

  • I strictly recommend carrying the First-aid Kit, an umbrella and a swimming kit with costumes and goggles will be helpful.
  • Please don’t forget to carry some snacks with you, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian.
  • Keep emergency contact handy with you. Maldives Police is reachable on 119 and Ambulance on 102.
  • You can buy some fancy fridge magnets in the local market as a souvenir. I keep a small currency note as well whenever I travel to a country as a memory.
  • Most importantly, there are very limit lifeguards available, that too at a few places only when you enjoy the water sports. So please keep extra care of yourself and your loved ones. You can ask for safety equipment from your host. It is all about the trip to the Maldives.

That would be all folks!

Have a good time.

P.S. – If you have any queries, comments, or you require any more information, please feel free to write to me on info@cosmicinfoline.com 


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