Mobile applications help you have the world on your fingertips. They help you with essential tasks, communication and entertainment. Here we break down the top ten mobile applications you should have installed before you begin your travel.

  1. Google Trips- Google trips are a very useful apps that helps you keep track of your trip and organize it beforehand!
  2. Bank Application– Now no one wants trouble during international transactions. Make sure you have your bank app ready and your passwords saved.
  3. Uber– Take care of all your transportation needs with Uber! Just call a car and go anywhere you want. You can also download other taxi services apps that are popular in the country you are traveling to.
  4. Google Translate- Google translate is godsent for foreign languages that most travelers have a hard time tackling the first time around.
  5. Time Converter- If you are traveling to multiple destinations (and time zones) it is necessary to have your biological clock in check and stay punctual! It gets very easy to loose track of time.
  6. Google Maps- We still use maps in our own cities, let alone a foreign one! Google maps are a must and will definitely help you in trouble.
  7. Airbnb– Airbnb is an accommodation app that allows travelers to rent out places in the vicinity, that don’t necessary fall under the ‘hotel’ category. It helps you find s vacancies in guest homes.
  8. Notes- Notes and reminders are always helpful during travel. They help you document events or just write about your journey along the way
  9. Communication Apps- Download WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber. Make sure you have multiple apps because not all apps work abroad. The UAE for example does not allow WhatsApp calls to function properly! You also need a medium of communication, until you buy the local sim.
  10. Netflix or Amazon Prime– Well flights can be long and tiring! Make sure you have some movies ready on Netflix or Amazon!

Hope these mobile apps help you out during your journey, Happy travels!


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