After passing class, 12 students are posed to the most challenging situation. Where they have to make the right decision about the course preferences, which can guide them to a great career in the future. Picking the right course and college is the first step in chalking the career plan. It can be the most vital decision of ones’ life since once the choice is made, there will be no turning back. Though the problem is, there are so many options open for students that make the task of choosing the right choice more challenging and problematic.

Out of the various opportunities, the one which you can study for the sake of a brilliant profession in the future is Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA). BCA is one of the famous courses amongst the students. Who desire to begin their careers toward the Information Technology (I.T.) field. 

Why Do BCA?

BCA is a three years’ undergraduate program next to be pursued after class 12 that presents several possibilities to the students. Who is interested in the computer field and desires to serve as a programmer or software developer. To pursue a BCA program, one requires not to have Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as subjects in Class 12th class. Any stream such as Arts or Commerce students can go for the course as well.

As with the fast growth of the I.T. industry in India, the need for computer professionals is rising day by day. Therefore, after the achievement of this course, students can take a profitable career in the software field. Anyplace in private as well as government agencies.

Students who opt for a BCA will acquire skills and knowledge. Not just about Computer and Information Technology but also in communication, organization, and management. One also gains to study programming languages such as Java, C++, HML, SQL, etc. Knowledge about several computer applications and the most advanced developments in I.T. and communication systems is also given.

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Options After BCA

After finishing BCA, students can go for MCA or MSc (I.T.) degree to enhance their employment possibilities collectively. There is another degree option that is much mainstream amongst BCA graduates is MBA. By an MBA degree after BCA, you can either enter an I.T. organization at an administrative job or pick an utterly extraordinary line. For example, Retail, Banking, Logistics, and Airlines.

Moreover, you can also work for a B.Ed degree after BCA and settle a position as a P.C. instructor in a school. In any case, on the off possibility that you prefer to begin serving directly after your graduation.You can see plentiful business openings in the private sector. Some I.T. organizations, including a part of major MNCs, employ BCA graduates to fill places of Software Programmers, I.T. Examiners, Database Supervisors, Website Analysts, etc. Self-employment options like freelancing or developing your software are also available for BCA graduates.

Expectation Of Salary In Starting

About the salary, a fresher working for a leading MNC might receive a salary varying from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. Though, it was reported that I.T. giants like Facebook, Microsoft, etc. pay a six-figure salary to a fresh graduate.

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Today, BCA is one of the high graduate degrees accessible for the undergraduates to apply. After finishing BCA, the door to lots of career possibilities will open for you. India is a technological center, and the need for professional experts is never-ending. Your BCA Degree is worthy, and when you attach another postgraduate degree like MCA or MBA with it, your profile will get you to stand out in demand.

Several top recruiters see for the fresher degree holders to serve with. With the advancement of global technology, the need for BCA Graduates is continuously growing in the I.T. sector. Some of the organizations recruiting BCA graduates are:

  • IBM 
  • Oracle
  • Infosys
  • Google
  • HCL
  • NIIT
  • Dell
  • Wipro
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Accenture

Why Do BCA over B.Tech Computer Science?

Students should favor the three years BCA Course as it serves them at different levels. The benefits are:

  • Duration: The span of the BCA degree is three years, whereas it needs four years to achieve a B.Tech degree. Enthusiastic students are encouraged to seek the BCA degree to receive one-year work experience previous to the students of B.Tech.
  • Course structure: Both the courses trade, including computer and technology, and hold related course structure. However, the BCA course gives in-depth information about Computer language and its application. Whereas, in the B.Tec course, students read about computers and systems.
  • Demand: The students with information about computer language are prioritized in an I.T. firm, preferably than the students with a B.Tech degree.
  • Job opportunities: While the measure of the BCA course is three years, and students receive a possibility of working abroad as the interest of technocrats with the information of computer language is essential.

So, the BCA course is extensively favored by the students to keep their time. And increase their career scope in the long run.

Benefits Of Doing BCA

  • The course serves to acquire a well-sounding academic base for excellent work in computer application.
  • BCA students have a good future in the I.T. department.
  • It also gives way towards a post-graduation course in course one favors for after doing BCA.
  • The course further generates a better perception of the critical ideas of computer science.
  • It presents possibilities for a huge no of the job as I.T. performs an excellent performance in the interface among business and technology.
  • BCA, as a course, ought to large no. of employment sectors.

BCA gives masses of chances to students who are always ready to read and are not scared to work hard. It’s worth noting that earning a graduation certificate in BCA isn’t enough to enforce the employers to hire you. One requires being exposed to learning new skills and taking opportunities to get their way. Typically, students start operating on online gigs through their college. This supports them to earn experience and learn about real-world difficulties. If you’re always open to new experiences, then the I.T. sector will welcome you with open arms!

I hope all the above-given data will determine to be helpful to the students who have just passed their class 12 examinations and are moving in the difficulty of making the selection of the right career.


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