The IT industry runs at a quick speed, and with each next day, you get to listen about a new technology or programming language that is rising and people strengthening it. It displays overwhelming for the beginners who are confused about which programming language would be well suited and fit for them. It is important to learn python. We will get the idea for why to learn python in 2020 from the below information.

Python could be your origin point as it is on top programming languages of the 2020 list and is also the easiest way to learn. But if you know any other programming languages also, learning Python will be a breeze for you. Here are some reasons why learn python in 2020.

What is Python?

Python is a popular general-purpose programming language for a wide variety of applications. It is one of the most highly demanded programming language in the world. 

Python’s uses:

  • web and mobile app development
  • software development
  • processing big data and performing mathematical computations
  • writing system scripts

may it is Data Science or Big Data, or for coding and app development, Python finds applications everywhere. That’s how versatile it is. Python is simple to learn, an in-demand programming language. That can exponentially raise your possibilities of getting selected and income in a concern of months.

Because for two main points that is the massive scale of tasks it can handle and blended with the fact that it’s a very beginner-friendly language. Python code syntax uses English keywords. That makes it simple for anyone to know and get started with the language.

Why should you learn Python in 2020?

So here are the following reasons why you should learn Python :


It is the biggest reason for beginners to learn Python. When you begin with programming and coding, you don’t want to start with a programming language that owns hard syntax and weird rules. Python is both readable and straightforward. It also more comfortable to set up; you don’t need to deal with any classpath problems like java or compiler issues like C++. Python has a simple syntax, and its high readability factor makes it beginner-friendly language.

2.Data science:

It is one of the principal reasons why many programmers are learning Python in 2020. And to make a profession in data science due to an exciting job and high pay. The goal is diversity; Python allows you to do a lot. You can design scripts to automate stuff, move into web development, and so much further.

3.Libraries and frameworks:

No other language can possess as many beneficial libraries as Python. The programming language arises with the best assortment of libraries that come in skillful for development and Data Science responsibilities. Because it contains NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Pandas, StatsModels, and so many more.

If it proceeds to test or validating ideas Python is the process to work. It contains several built-in testing frameworks that support debugging & racing up workflows. Python carries both cross-platform and cross-browser testing with frameworks like PyTest and Robot.

4.Web development:

Another purpose why to learn Python is that it performs the web development process so much simpler. Python appears with a vast collection for web development frameworks example, Django, Flask, Pyramid, TurboGears, Web2Py, Bottle, CherryPy, Hug, Falcon, Sanic, and FastAPI.

These frameworks support developers to write constant code much quicker. They can automate the implementation of standard solutions, thereby decreasing the development time. It allows developers to concentrate on further critical factors like application logic. Aside from this, Python frameworks can also make web scraping duties.

5. Python is great for scripting:

Python is not just a programming language. And it is useful for scripting also. The characteristic that sets scripting languages aside from programming languages is that scripting languages don’t need any compilation; they are directly interpreted. In Python, you can write code in the script from and directly execute it.

The device will scan and interpret your code and also show error checking while runtime itself. Once the system is error-free, you can use it various times.

The Linux journal addresses Python as the best programming and scripting language.

6.Huge community:

It would be best if you had a community to learn new technology, and friends are your greatest asset when it comes to studying a programming language. You often get stuck with one or another problem, and that time, you need helping guidance.

Thanks to Google, you can get the solution of your any Python-related difficulty in seconds. 

7.Jobs and growth:

Python is developing fast and big time, and it performs a lot of reasons to learn a dominant programming language if you are starting your programming career. And It does not just help you to get a job quickly. But also it will stimulate your career growth.

There are Python jobs to meet each level of experience and employment interest—including quality promise engineer roles, entry-level software engineer positions, and high-level jobs like machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers.

8.High paying salaries:

Python developers are paid the highest. Particularly in the region of web development, machine learning, and data science. The wages can vary from $70,000 to $1,50,000 depending on the area and your experience in the management. There is so much demand for Python developers in the IT industry, so you won’t have any difficulty finding Python jobs in the market.

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How to learn Python in 2020?

1.Strengthen the basic:

It begins with understanding the terms and concepts related to programming. So jump immediately in by installing Python in your system and start reading with the syntax, variables, and data types.

2.Learn decision making and control flow:

After learning the basics, learn regarding how you can make decisions in a programming language. There are various ways like if and else statements that enable you to make decisions according to a condition. And, loops also play a vital role in all programming languages

3.Master the object-oriented programming[oop]:

Object-oriented programming is a method of resolving all difficulties by examining real-world entities in the form of objects and classes. For becoming a better programmer, one must learn the theories and principles of Object-oriented programming. Oops are beneficial however creating large scale applications; helps us in writing clean code by reusing the usable components. So they are also easy to maintain.

4.Acquire Skills for Machine learning and Data science:

Data science and machine learning mainly depend on Python. You can raise your profile by getting the skills of a data scientist or a machine learning engineer.

5.Practice programs:

Practise is the essential feature of programming. You will never be a great programmer until you own spent hours solving various types of problems. I want to suggest to you again that programming is not as hard as people usually think. It just needs some time to learn procedures by solving different problems. So don’t forget to practice!

6.Work on Python projects:

Examine yourselves and think about what problems you can answer. Make a list of project ideas and build something from all the things you have learned. Do a major project by blending everything. You can make a machine learning model and integrate it with a website by giving some form of service to the users.


Many programming languages arrive and leave each year. But only the strong ones will remain in the industry. All these years, Python is steadily growing in the industry. Establishing itself worthy of being called one of the top programming languages. With reading one programming language, you will unlock many doors in various fields, including web development to new age jobs like AI engineer or a data scientist. Python is one of the unique languages so it gives a lot to newcomers as well as experienced programmers. The above information will give you some idea about why to learn python in 2020.


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